“Eliminate putting as an ‘issue’ in your game and learn to putt LIKE A PRO”



 The tools and mindset for complete putting performance are closer than you think, so let’s get started…

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Inside you’ll discover EVERYTHING you need to know about reliable, dependable putting performance, including:


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☑ Who is this book for?

Get Down In Two is designed for any golfer who struggles, or has struggled in the past with putting. The book is written with the average amateur player in mind but in truth it can help anyone who needs some help on the greens. The material is simple to understand but very thorough, covering every aspect of putting in quick-to-grasp language. Reading this book isn’t going to be a slog – it’s funny, lighthearted and includes stories, interviews, motivational ideas and loads of colour photos to accompany the GDIT system. GDIT is above all an instructional that will change your game, but the process is fun, too.

☑ I’m already a good golfer, can this book help me?

I produced the GDIT eguide with amateurs/handicappers in mind – the golfers who struggle the most with putting. If you are already a super putter or you’ve got a very low handicap, GDIT might not be for you. However, I firmly believe almost all golfers could get something from my book. The mission of GDIT is to make you at least a ‘par’ putter – to solidify your approach and performance so you consistently average 36 putts or less per round. Who wouldn’t benefit from that?

☑ I’m not a very good golfer – is it worth getting this book?

GDIT would be a great purchase for you! This ebook provides a complete understanding of what goes into a putt and walks you through every aspect of success. You’ll learn about how to read break, judge pace, align yourself well and banish putting nerves from your game. GDIT isn’t just a list of putting basics though – it’s a unique all-in-one system that will turn putting into your strength!

☑ Why choose you, Tom?

Because the chances are in many ways we’re similar – I’m a just another keen golfer looking to improve every time. The difference between me and other people is that I’ve spent many years and a lot of money on the science and art of putting. It’s been my passion to ‘work out’ putting for the everyday golfer, and GDIT is the result. As well as coaching, I write regular articles on the putting blog section of this site.

☑ Why should I take a chance on GDIT over other putting books?

GDIT is a course-tested, refined and practical system that will get you putting solidly on a consistent basis. There are plenty of putting books out there that discuss tips, drills and ideas on how to improve. GDIT is much more hands-on that that – it walks you through a complete system of putting you can quickly adopt and use for the rest of your golfing days! GDIT will train you to eliminate fear, doubt and poor efforts in favour of solid preparation and well aimed, well struck, confident putts. It’s a complete, all-in-one solution to putting woes – you’ll emerge with a completely new approach and attitude to the short stick.

☑ Can I read this book on my mobile/tablet device?

GDIT is a PDF download and therefore readable on any device compatible with Adobe Acrobat or similar. The bonus audio downloads will download to any device.

☑ What if I don’t like the GDIT system or it doesn’t work for me?

I’m not so arrogant to think that GDIT will work out for every single reader. Putting can be a very personal thing, so if you don’t like the book or the technique doesn’t work out for you, there’s a unique 60-day money back guarantee. Any comments you can make are gratefully received – it’ll help me improve the book in the future.

☑ Is this really complicated, technical stuff?

Absolutely not – the GDIT system easy to understand and fun to learn. Of course there are essential elements you need to take on board and drill, but the process itself is as simple as I can make it. It’s designed to get you putting consistently well in a very short amount of time.

☑ Is the book long and boring and full of complicated concepts?!

No – I didn’t want to overwrite this book as there’s just no need to complicate things. You may be surprised to learn that putting is actually a very simple thing to do once you’ve got a handful of variables worked out, and got your mind right. I don’t waste time going into massive detail because your time is valuable and so is mine! The GDIT system is explained simply so you can put it to work fast!


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P.S. Inside the eguide you’ll learn every single step of the process from working out a winning mindset to formulating the perfect routine and honing it. And my entire eguide is no risk, as it’s backed by my 60 Day, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!  To get access, click here now!